I Told Ya So! SchiffGold Friday Gold Wrap June 9, 2023

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In this episode of the Friday Gold Wrap, host Mike Maharrey engages in a little “I told you so!” discussing a couple of things he got right, including his assertion that the real problems would start after the debt ceiling deal and that it was important to keep your eye on the commercial real estate market. He also talks about the yo-yoing gold price this week.


  • Gold on a yo-yo string
  • Bank of Canada un-pauses rate hikes
  • A looming recession
  • National debt spikes just one day after debt ceiling deal
  • Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen warns about problems in the commercial real estate market

The SchiffGold Friday Gold Wrap podcast combines a succinct summary of the week’s economic precious metals news coupled with thoughtful analysis. You can subscribe to the podcast on Apple Podcasts and other podcasting platforms. The links are below.

Tune in to the Friday Gold Wrap each week for a recap of the week’s economic and political news as it relates to gold and silver, along with some insightful commentary.


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