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    20 seconds ago

    Central Banks Added More Gold in May

    6 mins ago

    Is the Chinese Yuan Beginning to Chip Away at Dollar Dominance?

    6 hours ago

    Forex Today: EUR/USD Plummets to 2002 Low – 06 July 2022

    22 hours ago

    EUR/USD Hits 19-Year Low

    1 day ago

    Demand Boom Expected for Silver in Industrial Application; Other Silver News

    1 day ago

    Atlanta Fed Forecasts Official Recession With Negative GDP Growth in Q2

    1 day ago

    Forex Today: Bitcoin Bounces Back

    2 days ago

    Jim Rickards – Don’t Trust the Fed’s Narrative

    2 days ago

    Bitcoin Flirts with Major Breakdown

    3 days ago

    COTs Report Shows the Most Neutral Precious Metals Market in Years

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