Merry Christmas and a very happy, prosperous New Year

Thursday is usually the day when we send out some market news and give you our thoughts on what’s been going on. 

But it’s four days before Christmas and we wondered if anyone was really that focused on markets right now. 

So we thought, what could we write about? We could do a summary of gold in 2023 and explain how it defied market expectations. We could explain this further by pointing to central bank gold demand, growing global instability or the fact that it hit a new all-time high and that it is likely to finish 2023 on a year-end high…but you know all that. 

We could, instead, look forward to 2024 and speculate what is to come. Will central banks finally win the fight against inflation? Will peace come to all men? Will we start mining gold on asteroids? We think the answer is a hard no, to all three. But the truth is, no one knows what will happen in the future. 

So we could then talk about how it’s not necessary to look to the immediate future or the immediate past and instead look at gold’s long term value – something which has been relatively consistent. That would link us nicely to how it is intrinsically connected to the Christmas story. One of the three gifts brought to Jesus by the biblical magi was, of course, gold. Along with frankincense and myrrh, gold was gifted to the newborn child as it was seen to be a gift ‘fit for a king’. The gold that was gifted on that day over 2,000 years ago would still hold value, unlike fiat currencies circulating just 20 years. 

But, all that can wait. So instead we will just sign off and wish you a Merry Christmas and a very happy, prosperous New Year. 

Everyone at GoldCore.


20-12-2023 2036.35 2035.55 1608.92 1606.66 1859.59 1856.22
19-12-2023 2026.00 2041.35 1594.66 1602.87 1851.16 1859.87
18-12-2023 2020.95 2023.95 1594.93 1597.91 1851.80 1851.71
15-12-2023 2043.65 2032.30 1597.93 1598.81 1863.81 1861.79
14-12-2023 2034.10 2046.10 1606.94 1604.96 1864.86 1860.72
13-12-2023 1981.55 1982.50 1583.26 1583.62 1838.48 1837.18
12-12-2023 1986.90 1980.85 1580.18 1580.92 1839.27 1838.82
11-12-2023 1991.95 1986.65 1585.19 1580.78 1848.93 1847.39
08-12-2023 2030.00 2008.10 1614.05 1602.66 1882.01 1867.73
07-12-2023 2033.30 2026.90 1617.08 1614.43 1887.92 1881.37
06-12-2023 2021.40 2026.40 1603.98 1609.57 1873.84 1877.66
05-12-2023 2023.45 2023.35 1601.56 1600.27 1867.04 1867.75
04-12-2023 2066.95 2049.05 1632.68 1622.03 1902.83 1890.45

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David is the CEO of GoldCore. Until Summer 2023 he was the Director of Marketing and Communications, responsible for all marketing and communications strategies and branding.
David joined GoldCore in 2008 as Director of Business Development and later took over as Director of Marketing and Communications in 2020. Prior to this Dave managed and operated his own Marketing Agency and completed multiple coaching qualifications. “Working for GoldCore gives you a fantastic lens through which to view global financial and geopolitical developments. I am very proud to be part of a company that contributes to increasing investors understanding of these developments.”
When he’s not at work, David is passionate about sailing and has completed the ‘Round Ireland Yacht Race’ twice.

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