Five Steps to Protect Your Portfolio from the Coming Economic Storm, with Physical Gold

Watch as GoldCore Director Dave Russell takes us through the Five Steps to Protect Your Portfolio from the Coming Economic Storm, with Physical Gold. 

(This presentation is a recording from the Virtual Money Conference: Mid-Year Portfolio Review)

The world is on the brink of great disorder. Dramatic, negative changes are set to impact portfolios and the majority of investors are not prepared for this. If you’re concerned about this, then you’re right to be. 

Let Dave Russell walk you through the opportunity to hold physical gold in your portfolio, the ultimate antifragile asset. 

Walking viewers through the following five steps, Dave ensures that you’ll be confident in your decision to insure your portfolio with gold, by the end of this short presentation. 

This presentation covers the following five steps:

1. Understand the role of gold in your portfolio

2. Decide what gold products to invest in – how to navigate the options

3. Decide what products not to invest in – how to identify inferior gold bullion options

4. How to choose between different storage options

5. Decide how much to invest in gold


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Stephen Flood is the CEO of GoldCore. He is a former Wall Street equity trader and FinTech expert. He has been involved in the precious metals markets since 2004 and has appeared as an expert contributor on CNBC, CNN, BBC, RTE & Bloomberg TV and has had articles published in the Irish Times, Irish Independent and The Sunday Business Post.

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