Inflation Is State Sponsored Terrorism: A Metal Exchange Interview With Jeff Deist

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Americans have been laboring under the burden of inflation for well over a year. Mises Institute President Jeff Deist argues that inflation is an intentional policy and should be considered “state-sponsored terrorism.”

In this Metal Exchange interview, host Mike Maharrey talks with Jeff about this assertion.

Mike and Jeff talk about Fed monetary policy and its impacts. They dig deep into the economic impact, but they also go deeper, talking about the pernicious effects it has on society.


  • The current inflation problem Inflation as a government policy
  • How the government response to the pandemic put inflation on steroids
  • How inflation degrades society
  • How the dollar’s privilege as the reserve currency enables inflationary policy in the US
  • How inflation wrecks savings and why it matters



Jeff’s Speech – Inflation Is State-Sponsored Terrorism

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