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Analisis Forex (GBP/JPY) 24 Jan 2022

Analisis Forex (GBP/JPY) 24 Jan 2022

Summary Technical Analysis Indicator on D1 (Buy)

Sell 7
Neutral 7
Buy 11

H1, Neutral
H2, Sell
H4, Sell

Current Price 154.432

For H1-H4 on bearish mode. The price on H4 now on Pivot. Then, might continue going down to Pivot S1 153.042

On D1, price on bullish mode. The price now on Pivot. Then, might going up to Pivot R1

Analisis Forex GBP/JPY hari ini 24 Januari 2022
Jangkaan berdasarkan analisis teknikal (Moving averages, Oscillator) serta rujukan berita berita yang berkaitan bitcoin
(Source TradingView)

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