Why SchiffGold? Peter Schiff Explains (Video)

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Peter Schiff recently appeared on with Mike Adams to talk about the failure of SVB and Signature Bank, the bailouts and the potential ramifications. During the interview, Peter explained the difference between SchiffGold and a lot of the other gold companies out there.

You can watch the entire interview HERE.

Gold has gone up substantially since the bank meltdown, but this may be just the beginning of a bigger rally. And as Peter explained in an interview on NTD News, despite assurances from the mainstream, your money is not safe in the bank and average Americans are going to pay for the bailouts.

They’re going to pay the cost through higher prices. And when he says that everybody’s bank account is now safe, it’s not. It’s in more danger than ever before because your bank account is going to be eroded in value because of inflation. So, even if your bank doesn’t fail, and you don’t lose your money, your money is going to lose its value.”

If you’ve been thinking about adding gold to your investment portfolio, or need to increase your allocation, now is the time to act.

You can get started HERE.


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