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What The Fed Sees (3%) Versus What Main Street Feels (18%) Bare Shelves? – Confounded Interest

Inflation is literally burning a hole though the pockets of Americans. The Flexible Price CPI is raging at 18% YoY. The Dallas Fed has their preferred measure of inflation, the trimmed mean CPI, is growing at only 3.05% YoY. The classic measure of inflation, CPI YoY, is growing at 7.12%.

That is of course if you can find things to buy at the grocery store.

I remember when Fleetwood Mac played at Bill Clinton’s first inauguration party. Perhaps Fleetwood Mac can play at the midterm election party commemorating the rampant inflation under Biden’s “leadership”: Bare Shelves.

Buka akaun dagangan patuh syariah anda di Weltrade.
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